Attack Angle

If you look through the track listing for the average 90s FPS soundtrack you end up with a combination of slightly trying-too-hard-to-be-tough titles (“Kill Ratio”) and stuff which is obviously just the name of the level (“Big Gun”). To stick with the boom-shoot theme of the SHAKE project, I’m trying to go with song names that sound suitably aggressive but aren’t really.

This track was one of the first things written with my Solar A1.8 and it seemed only appropriate to try to make it chug as hard as I could. I’ve already sung the praises of the Evertune system elsewhere, but this whole track would have been a complete mess without the near-perfect tuning and intonation it provides.

Mixing music which goes this low is a real challenge. It’s hard to keep the guitars and bass separated and sounding tight when they’re constantly intruding on each other’s part of the frequency spectrum. The high-pass filter got a real workout on this one.


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