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  • Yes I Am

    I’m not a good lyricist. If anything, lyrics are probably the biggest source of delays in getting my music into a finished state. Sometimes, the best thing to do is just open my mouth and see what comes out. What’s this song about? Nothing.

  • Grid 2

    I love the guitar and drum parts in David Lee Roth’s “Skyscraper”. I don’t really like anything else about the song, which honestly seems as if it doesn’t know where to go after it establishes that great opening riff. So, I wrote something rather similar and didn’t even try to add a vocal part. A…

  • JEM Song

    I bought an Ibanez JEM 7VP, and this is the first song which came out of it. For anybody unfamiliar with the JEM series, they’re basically like playing a really awesome tremolo unit with a pretty neat guitar attached. This guitar has a beautiful satin-finished neck which encourages slippy, slide-y Vai-style melodies. The JEM put…