About this site

This blog is for publishing my music and thoughts about composition and recording.

Instrumental music tends to become dominated by virtuosos. After all, why bother wasting your time listening to someone mediocre? However, as the music gets more and more complex, maybe some of the subtlety and focus on composition gets lost. Technique is cool; a good hook is cooler.

The guitarbloke project is an attempt to do two things: firstly, to make instrumental music which isn’t too difficult to play. Secondly, to write the sort of music that my personal heroes don’t write any more, because they’re bona fide artists and have naturally progressed to other things.

The SHAKE project is unashamed worship of Sonic Mayhem, who produced the amazing soundtrack for Quake 2. This is boomer shooter music for old people.

So if, like me, your taste in guitar music stopped developing at some point in the early nineties: some of this stuff might be for you.